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Petrozar Oxidized Wax

Oxidized Wax


petrozar PW-O is manufactured from polyethylene wax according to strict processing parameters which ensure consistent quality. The acid value can be tailored between 8 and 25 to suit the processing conditions of the customers. petrozar PW-O contain functional groups which gives polar characteristic to this product and make it very useful process aid in various industries. It is often used as external lubricants and excellent mold release agent for PVC processing, dispersing agents for color masterbatches and other aditives in plastics, surface modifiers in printing inks, toners and etc. petrozar-PWO can be used for making high quality emulsions or where a functional or polar wax is desirable.


petrozar provide this product in three different grade with special properties;
- petrozar PW-O 8
- petrozar PW-O15

Petrozar Oxidized Wax Technical Analyse
Petrozar Oxidized Wax Technical Analyse

Recommended for use in:
- PVC Composites and Profiles
- Polyolefin compounds
- Masterbatches
- Hotmelt adhesive
- Thermoshirink Films
- Inks and paints
- Textile, Leather, Paper
- Coating Emulsions
- Shoe, Floor, Car & Furniture Polishes
- Vegetable Protecting Wax


Petrozar PW-O is available in various physical forms
- Micro Granules (Packed in plastic paper composite bag 20 kg )
- Pellet (Packed in BOPP bag 20 kg )
This product also could be prepare in other packaging upon customer request.
Petrozar Oxidized Wax Packing


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