Our Company

Petrozar is an eminent name with nearly a decade of experience in the field of petrochemical products which is based on the expert and proficient R&D team. Petrozar well known in Iran and neighbor’s countries with excellent quality and reliability in products and services. Our special products include of Polyethylene wax, Oxidised wax Antioxidant wax and Jelly wax for a variety of applications.

Our products manufacture under a fully controlled and automated process, and our quality control include of testing on products steadily by using the latest test equipment and methods.

Every year we invest 8% of our annual revenues towards strengthening our R&D capabilities. We will continue to invest in our people, processes, tools and R&D capabilities to maintain our high quality reputation and technology leadership.

Petrozar believes in developing strong, long term customer relations. We are committed to providing excellent quality products and services to our customers and business partner in a timely and cost effective- manner.

To Become the Most Influential Company in the world:
Petrozar and as part of our commitment to produce the industry’s best-in-class products, we are consistently following to take advantage of advanced technology and manufacturing process that set our products and services apart from the competition in quality, reliability and performance.

The Group practices the following QA methodologies:

Facilitating the testing of products by customers or their representatives.

Customers have full access to use our in-house fully equipped laboratory.

Offering full traceability from source refinery to supply point.

Product Stewardship.

Large Database of quality of products offered by various refineries over the period.

Our Specialized activities:

Technical consulting60%